Lost in the Nordics, Mar 25, 2023

By Catherine B.

“We’re super excited about this next release because it’s been a while since a track grabbed our attention like 2/14’s latest. Titled ‘Crystal Ball’, the song highlights their impressive and powerful vocals, but what we found interesting is their unique and rich writing style that deserves your full attention. We’re not exaggerating when we are fans of the band now.”

We can’t get enough of 2/14’s “Crystal Ball”, stream their latest single here!

Booklet Magazine, Italy, Mar 8, 2023

“È un punk rock diretto e senza fronzoli quello che propongono i 2/14 sulla loro nuova canzone Crystal Ball, proprio come quella pasta chimicissima che andava tanto di moda una ventina d’anni fa. Il brano è tratto dall’album d’esordio del gruppo americano, intitolato Adrienne’s Garden e in uscita quest’anno. Il sound della band può richiamarsi a quello dei Green Day anni ’90 o di gruppi come gli Allister, ma con un pre-chorus più pestato alla Rise Against. Forse un filo troppo lunga l’intro strumentale, se proprio vogliamo trovare un difetto a questo pezzo altrimenti ben scritto e soprattutto divertente.” Groove On Review

Translation: “It’s a direct and no-nonsense punk rock that 2/14 proposes on their new song “Crystal Ball,” just like that very chemical paste that was so fashionable about twenty years ago. The song is taken from the debut album of the American group, entitled Adrienne’s Garden and releasing later this year. The band’s sound can recall that of ’90s Green Day or bands like Allister, but with a more beaten pre-chorus a la Rise Against. Perhaps the instrumental intro is a little too long, if we really want to find fault with this otherwise well written and above all fun piece.”


Susse Magazine, Portugal, Mar 7, 2023

“Formado como o projeto de composição do cantor/guitarrista Sky Carlson no ensino médio, 2/14 pega pistas de emo, hardcore e pop punk clássico para criar um som inegavelmente jovem, apresentado com força total no single de estreia, “Crystal Ball” de seu próximo álbum de uma hora com uma lista de faixas igualmente comovente.”

Translation: “Formed as singer/guitarist Sky Carlson’s high school songwriting project, 2/14 takes cues from emo, hardcore and classic pop punk to create an undeniably youthful sound, showcased in full force on debut single, “Crystal Ball” from their next hour-long album with an equally moving track list.”

York Calling, UK, Feb 23, 2023

By Jane Howkins

“‘Crystal Ball’ explodes with energy from the very start, featuring perhaps the fastest tempo on this list! The drums and guitars clash together in an incredible way, creating a massive wall of sound that never really lets up! 2/14’s vocals have that typical pop-punk sound – whilst they do sound slightly distant at times underneath the music, they still sound amazing. One of the things I loved so much about this track was the way in which the band managed to make such a heavy track sound so catchy….”  Full Interview

The Other Side Reviews, Feb 2, 2023

By Nicole Mendes

“As with Sum 41, Simple Plan and The Offspring, 2/14 are more than just aggressive melodies – there’s depth beneath the mosh pit tune. Filled with recklessness, angst and teenage abandon, the lads bring vulnerability to audiences in ‘Crystal Ball’. The lyrics “your crystal ball isn’t crystal clear, so bide your time and forget it while we’re here” capture the dissociative disdain youngsters experience in these uncertain times. It’s a slap in the face with 2/14 telling us to wake up, do something and be a little less cavalier about society. Bold, brash and filled with aggressive vitality, 2/14 knock me to the ground with their debut single ‘Crystal Ball’.” Full Review


Illustrate Magazine, UK, 01/24/2023

“Quickly launching into a flurry of razor-sharp power chords, bass, and rapid drumming, ‘Crystal Ball’ then transitions into a chorus featuring Carlson’s vocals, which are at once powerful, smooth, and sincere, revealing a vulnerable but courageous performer.” Full Review


End Sessions Blog, Mexico, Feb 28, 2023

“2/14” está de regreso con su sorprendente tema Rock Punk “Crystal Ball”, una canción cargada de explosividad que te hará vibrar gracias a su increíble producción. La canción nos presenta una letra que surge a través de una historia de desamor, seguro conectará muy bien contigo ya que todos hemos pasado por ahí.”

Translation: “2/14 is back with its amazing Rock Punk song “Crystal Ball”, a song full of explosiveness that will make you vibrate thanks to its incredible production. The song presents us with a letter that emerges through a story of heartbreak, it will surely connect very well with you since we have all gone through it.”

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